Lincolnville – A Sketchbook Journal of St. Augustine’s Historic Neighborhood by Rosamond Parrish

March 1, 2015 / by armstrong

Lincolnville – A Sketchbook Journal of St. Augustine’s Historic Neighborhood is an amazing book written by Rosamond Parrish.  It’s called a sketchbook because, rather than using photographs to depict the neighborhood, she has used her tremendous artistic skills to draw what she wants to show.

I met Rosamond in February, 2015, when we both spoke to the Flagler County Branch of American Association of University Women.  Since both of our books deal with racial segregation and related issues as they occurred in the past in east Florida, our topics melded well together.

The concept behind this book is amazing. It blends the architectural history of this beautiful neighborhood with its rich social history, and shows how it exists now, in the present. Rosamond actually lived in the neighborhood for a number of years.  The stories of the people, the homes, the historical significance, and the present quiet streets and use of these unique homes all blend together to make this a delightful read.

I plan to go to St. Augustine soon and get first hand knowledge of what this book and this artwork describe.

We exchanged copies of our books.

Lincolnville by Rosamond Parrish


UTube Interview:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkIkwPWowDI


Photos from our talk:

IMG_3159 IMG_3100IMG_3101 IMG_3116 IMG_3130 IMG_3160 IMG_3166

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