Michael Pyle presenting book at The University of Florida

March 6, 2015 / by armstrong

Michael Pyle will be presenting at a graduate level class at The University of Florida

Book Cover for WebMichael Pyle will be speaking at a Multicultural Counseling class to students earning their Masters, Specialist, or Doctoral Degrees in counseling and related fields. The adjunct professor, who is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice, Dr. Rosaria C. Upchurch, has included the reading of White Sugar, Brown Sugar in her class syllabus as a way of exposing her students to stories about racial relationships, struggles in people’s lives, including substance abuse, and the historical journey of segregation and other societal realities pertaining to diversity. In this class, the students are focusing on enhancing their awareness, knowledge and skills towards becoming multiculturally competent clinicians. Dr. Upchurch is asking the students to write a “book report” that addresses the students’ reflections on the book, and that emphasizes clinical themes encountered by the book’s characters. Michael will speak to the students about his story and his book, as it might relate to their development as future therapists and counselors.

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