Talk on White Sugar, Brown Sugar at Daytona Beach City Island Library

April 6, 2014 / by armstrong

I’m very grateful to all the people who came to City Island Library today to listen to me babble about White Sugar, Brown Sugar. Many had already read it, and many had already listened to me before. I can’t even believe they spent time on a Saturday afternoon listening to me. And many even bought copies of the books afterwards. Wow. I was telling Davita Bonner that my talk the week before last to the John H. Dickinson Friends of the Library annual luncheon was the most exciting event I had had so far, and today has continued that.


One can purchase signed copies on this site at http://mikepylewriter.com/buy-the-book/ (The price there includes domestic postage, but it’s signed,) and at Daytona Beach Barnes & Noble (Local Author Section), Connie’s Bookshelf in Daytona Beach Shores, and Down by the Sea Gift Shop & Gallery in Flagler Beach.

(I will be participating in the Author’s Forum at Daisy Stocking Park next Saturday and Sunday, where I will have the book for sale without postage added.) Note, I think Google and every other site has it wrong about where that park is. I believe it’s next to BCU, NOT in Holly Hill.

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