White Sugar, Brown Sugar – Audio Versions

December 11, 2015 / by armstrong

Book Cover for WebLast year I recorded White Sugar, Brown Sugar, and produced it on CDs and also on Amazon’s Audible. I did not like the quality of the production, so this year I completely rerecorded it.The new CDs are ready. I have not yet placed them on Amazon, but I have them.
I’ve also just given the new version to Amazon’s recording company, so the Audible version will be updated soon. (Don’t buy one from Audible yet – I’ll post when the new version is up)
I will sell copies of the CD version directly. If interested, write to mikepylewriter@gmail.com
(all prices include sales tax)
Normal Price by mail – $22
Normal Price in person – $20
Until December 24, 2015
By mail – $17
In Person – $15
See the post about this Sunday’s Book Fair at the Sunshine Mall in South Daytona for a place to purchase in person.
Don’t buy from this site because I haven’t figured out how to adjust the price.  Use the e-mail instead.

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