How To Open A Sentry Safe Without The Combination

Breaking into a sentry safe without the combination can be difficult because they are burglar-proof and fire-proof. So, you are here to learn how to open a sentry safe; you can find several lesser-known and popular ways and tricks to open it without a combination. After learning these methods, do not try to crack someone’s safe because it is totally against the law so, it will be very noble if you do not do this type of thing. 

However, if your safe is locked out, you forgot the combination, lost the keys of the sentry safe, or want to know what you can do in this situation so these tips can help you.

The following ways will be helpful for you to open a sentry safe without any combination. You can be a master of one of the following that can help you in an emergency.

Different Ways to Open a Sentry Safe:

  1. You can use a high-powered magnet to trip the lock.
  2. You can use a paper clip instead of trying with the combination.
  3. Now it’s time to try a nail file to open the sentry safe.
  4. Call the commercial locksmith in Oak Park to get its outstanding service.
  5. Some destructive methods like using a drill to open it.

Pre-checks before opening the Sentry Safe

Before attempting to break any safe, always make sure some evident and straightforward steps that are worthy.

  • Before opening the safe, replace the dead batteries.
  • If you hear any scraping sound when you try the handle, it means the locking bolts’ misalignment. It will fix when you smack the safe from different locations around the door of the safe.
  • If the time delay feature triggered your safe because of trying the wrong combination multiple times, you have to wait for twenty minutes before trying again.
  • If the safe has a lockout security feature, then do not waste your time by waiting. Let the safe to a professional or call him.

Steps to Break into the Safe

If you are facing trouble while unlocking the safe, then you can call a locksmith. Calling a locksmith can cost you some money, but you will get rid of this tension. So, if your safe is expensive, then it does make sense. It can also cost you way more than your expectations if your safe is installed in a wall.

Keep in mind before calling a locksmith that they need to see the proof of ownership before picking the lock or getting the combination. So, you should have proof of your ownership.

Using a High Power Magnet

You can quickly get many videos on youtube where people teach you to unlock your safe by using a high-power magnet or can get the service of lock repair and replacement in Oak Park. To buy a magnet check it online and you will find it for around 20 dollars. 

You have to follow all precautions before handling these magnets because they are safety hazards. You can trip the door’s lock and open the safe by placing the magnet on the door in the surrounding area of the nickel solenoid. 

Using a Paper Clip

You can also open a sentry safe with simple tools with a needle-nosed plier and two paper clips if you have a cheaper sentry safe model like the lockboxes and the cash.

What Should be Your Goal

Turn the paper clips into a tension tool and picking tool by using the pliers. You have to insert these tools where the keyhole is or put the key to jimmy open it. 

  • Bend the paper clip one leg to a 90-degrees angle and repeat this step with the other leg.
  • Now, bend the other leg to make it like a wrench or tension tool.
  • Bend the other paper clip about 45-degrees and the other leg about 180-degrees. So, it should look like a picking tool or feeler pick.
  • Put the tension wrench into the lower part of the lock.
  • Then put the picking tool in the upper part of the lock.
  • Be careful while pressing the pins. Keep pressing until you hear a clicking sound that pins you are doing it the right way.
  • Continue this around three times and then turn the clips to open the safe.

Destructive Method

It is an advantageous method to express or release your frustration and anger by destroying the lock. After getting into the safe by destroying the lock, you have to change the door’s lock. You can take some help to replace the lock if it is so messy. You should only use this method when you want to get into the safe and do not care about using the safe again because you may damage the safe also.

Power Drill

Use a power drill to open or get into the safe. Keep your drill face in the lock instead of putting it in the safe’s body. Keep the drill steady by your force, and do not allow it to move. You can easily replace the lock when you break it but keep the cost of your safe and the urgency to break it in your mind.

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