What’s the Difference Between UV and Cotton Masks?

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The UV mask and the cotton mask both are very different from each other and both have different uses.

Talking about the UV Mask, it is made from a polycarbonate material and silicon material is used on the outer line of the mask to provide an air-tight structure so that the air cannot pass through your mask. This protects your nose and mouth from any type of dust particles or bacteria that may come through the air. The structure of the UV mask is completely different from a normal cloth mask because a UV Face Mask consists of a double filtration system that is made to prevent tiny particles that come along with air. The first filter is made from plastic whereas the second filter has been added with an N95 filter. The UV mask is also added with a UC-light that helps in disinfecting viruses and bacteria.

The UV Mask is created in such a way that it can protect your mask from dust, water, and moisture, and it comes along with IP54 certification. The UV Face Mask has the ability to filter dust particles smaller than 0.3 microns, which comes along with the air when you breathe. But this mask is only regulated for non-medical purposes use. With a double filtration system, this mask can offer you clean breathing even in a densely polluted area. The mask also has adjusted with double high-quality Li-polymer batteries with 1,800mAh battery power. There is also a small fan added to the mask to throw out warm air away from the mask. The warm air creates moisture inside the mask that results in fogging your eyeglasses. The battery in the mask has 8 hours run time on a single charge and has a type-C charging slot that you can charge from anywhere, your car, with your laptop, or with any other thing.

Well, the government has not declared the UV mask use for protection from COVID-19.

Now, let’s shift to a cotton mask or cloth mask. These masks are normal regular masks that can be easily washed and used again. The cotton masks helps in providing a physical barrier to your mouth and nose and do not allow contaminated particles to enter your body. This mask can be used for medical purposes but do not share your mask with others. The main role of a cloth mask is to prevent water droplets that are released from others’ mouths while coughing, sneezing, or even while talking. These droplets may contain bacteria or viruses that can be harmful to your body. But using the cloth mask for protection from air pollution is not a good idea as it cannot filter particles smaller than 0.3 microns. But, in the end, COVID-19 has not been finished yet so it’s important to wear a mask whenever you go outside and also maintain proper social distancing to avoid being affected by COVID-19.

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