What should your Web Design Questionnaire consist of?

First things, first! Designing websites and adding up remarkable illustrations can be tedious for every designer, and then comes client dealings, programming, coding and several other prototypes that make the process even more complicated. Every web design Toronto designer wishes for an easy way or a miracle that could ease their designer life- and that’s where the web design questionnaire comes into the picture. Not every designer knows the web questionnaire, but yes, for those who don’t know what exactly it is- let us know a few details about it.

What’s a website design questionnaire?

It’s a survey that helps you to understand your web design client’s needs and requirements for their new site. There will be specific questions that your clients will answer as per their preferences and expectations- and you have to provide accordingly. It will also help you understand the client’s budget and other important factors that surround the website design project. However, many designers don’t use the questionnaire and end up servicing pretty average or below the bar. A questionnaire will help you understand your client, and eventually, it will boost your credibility, enabling you to achieve more projects in the future.

Why should you use a web design questionnaire?

The answer is short- you want to be wholly aligned with your client! A questionnaire paves a clear pathway for you to be on the same page with your design client. It helps you finish the project successfully and within the deadline, which is the client’s classic impression. A questionnaire minimizes the risk of revision, redoing and miscommunication- which is a perfect time-saving technique. While you are juggling multiple projects at once, a clear set of the questionnaire will give you a clear idea and finish up the projects at the said time.

Top 15 Web Design Questions

1. What does your company do?

2. What’s your company’s unique selling point?

3. Mention your target audience?

4. Do you want to create a website from scratch or want to rebuild an existing website?

5. What do you love and dislike about your website? Specify the URL of your site?

6. Do you also want to SEO optimize your site?

7. Can you mention the reference websites similar to yours and say what you like about those websites?

8. What pages would you like to have on your website?

9. What features would you want for your website?

10. Any specific platform that we should use to design your website?

11. Do you have your content ready to post on your site? Or shall we upload the dummy content?

12. What is your budget for website design?

13. When are you planning to launch your website?

14. Do you need assistance with maintaining and updating your website?

15. Do you need expert help with content marketing and blogging?

When you ask your clients these questions on your web design questionnaire and the quotation, it helps them understand their needs and clarify the project. Once you have received a response from the client, you can begin with the project.


Fantastic, you made it through knowing your client requirements; now it’s time you start with the web design project. Remember, always recheck with your client; after you have received the response, sometimes your client might not be sure- in that case- guide your client through the pros and cons of a particular subject. Keep your client’s budget in mind, and never rush through the process. 

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