What Are the Actual Challenges for Cricket as an Olympic Sport

The history of cricket in the Olympic games

There is still much debate about whether cricket should be included in the Olympics. Cricket has been an Olympic sport only once, in 1900. France was defeated by Great Britain, who won gold.

Since then, cricket has not been included in the Olympic games. The International Cricket Council (ICC), however, has created an Olympics Committee that has raised hopes of cricket being included in the Olympic Games.

Olympic Cricket: Challenges

Cricket is undoubtedly a well-known sport that has a large fan base around the globe. Although cricket is a popular choice for Olympics, there are many hurdles to overcome before it can be included as a permanent Olympic sport.

What challenges would cricket face if it was to be an Olympic sport?

1 Cricket as an Olympic Sport – The Key Conundrum

T20 is a very popular format in cricket. It is also the most popular format for overcoming Olympic time limitations. This format’s supporters want T20 and T10 to be included in every summer Olympics.

The T20 World Cup is a major earnings event for the ICC and takes place every 2 years. If the T20 tournament is to be part of the Olympics, the T20 World Cup must be held after four years.

The ICC would not suffer any loss. This is why the ICC wouldn’t be happy to see this format included in Olympics. The other formats, such as test cricket and ODI cricket, are not compatible with an event like Olympics that ends within 16 days .

2 Absence of grounds and preparation cost

The Olympics is a global event that has venues in specific countries hosting it for a particular biennial year. Most of the countries hosting the Olympics are not known for their cricket skillswill host the Olympics, but that is only until 2028.

The venues for the remaining years are still to be announced. These venues don’t have many cricket grounds or one (in South Korea). The cost of building new cricket fields is much higher than the actual return.

These countries will not be able to use the ground even if it is constructed. Most of them have little interest in cricket.

3) Insufficient interest from cricket boards

Accepting to be part of the Olympics will mean that you lose some autonomy to your constituted national Olympics committee. This committee would play a crucial role in determining a schedule.

What about the IPL clash with the Olympics?

Is it a loss that is tolerable? The BCCI and other powerful cricket boards won’t bow before the Olympic committee. They don’t want to risk their reputation or money.

4) The most popular cricket nations aren’t just Olympic members

The Olympic team does not include cricket teams like Ireland, West Indies, and England. England is Great Britain’s Olympic. Similar to West indies, West indies is part of 15 Caribbean territories that are home to many other nations.

It is a complex problem to solve. Even if cricket were to be featured at the Olympics, how would that affect the fate of the gold-medal?

5) Absence of interest in the world

Wikipedia states that ICC has 104 members. Only 8-10 teams are qualified to play at a professional level. There is not enough interest in emerging cricket countries and the overall member countries.

The International Olympic committee (IOM), which is the governing body for Olympics, also has the majority of its members that are not from those 8-10 nations. There is still a gap between ICC and IOM.

Which cricket player supported Cricket Inclusion at the Olympics?

Below is a list of players who have recently supported inclusion of cricket at the Olympics.

  1. Eoin Morgan supported the inclusion T10 format.
  2. Sangakkara supports the inclusion of T20 and T10 formats.
  3. Chris Gayle supports the inclusion of T10 in Olympics.
  4. Rahul Dravid supports inclusion of T20 format into Olympics.


Some hope has been raised by the formation of Olympics Cricket Committee by ICC for cricket inclusion in LA2028 Olympics. The inclusion of cricket in the Olympics would bring great benefits.

Market expansion would occur. There would be market expansion in large economies such as the USA, China and Russia. 

As the game matures in the future Olympic events, we would like to be a more prominent team.

As mentioned, however, there are numerous subtle challenges that must be overcome if cricket is to be a part of the Olympics.

We hope that you enjoyed our article about whether cricket is an Olympic sport.

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