5 Signs You Need A Commercial Ice Machine Water Filter

Commercial ice machines and dispensers are essential in businesses that require a constant supply of crystal clear water and ice. Even in cold locations with cruel winters, our commercial ice machines still serve a vital purpose, as people love ice in their drinks no matter how cold it gets outside.

So, when your machine starts acting up, it could seriously disrupt your business. Here are the most common problems commercial ice machines face.

Your Machine Is Not Dispensing Water Or Ice
There could be several reasons for this. While this will sound like a recommendation taken straight from a generic tech support department, always start with checking if your machine and the water line are turned on. After we are sure we didn’t accidentally forget to power or supply our unit with water, we can check if there isn’t an ice pile up behind the feeler. Sometimes, ice accumulation might cause the feeler to stay lifted, preventing the machine from dispensing ice.

One other cause might be low water pressure. If your commercial ice machine water filter is clogged or can’t provide enough force, you should consider installing a high-quality filter. Check out these Everpure commercial ice machine water filters.

The Machine Is Not Making Ice
The first thing we should check is the thermometer to ensure the machine is set to the correct temperature. If the machine is on and everything is in its place, you probably have a frozen or clogged waterline. Next, turn the machine off and start the defrost process. If you turn the machine on again and it is still not making any ice, you might have a problem caused by mineral deposits in the water line. Clogged lines are a common occurrence. However, clogging can be minimized by installing a proper commercial ice machine water filter.

The Machine Is Not Making Enough Ice
If you notice that ice production is getting slower, it might have a clogged or frozen line. Proceed to defrost and reconnect. You must flush your machine and unclog the lines if the problem persists. Ensure you do this correctly, as harmful bacteria tend to grow inside clogged lines. We recommend installing a proper water filter to prevent this from happening and reduce the growth of bacteria.

The Machine Is Constantly Leaking
Pools of water around your ice machine are never a great sign; they can transform any place into a muddy skating rink. But, sometimes, it is an easy fix. First, check if the machine is in a level position. Also, check if your ice cube fill valves and cups are correctly aligned. If it keeps leaking after you make the necessary adjustments, you need to check for loose or punctured water lines and if the condensation drain is clogged.

The Machine Produces Smelly Cubes
You don’t want your customers to point out that your ice cubes and drinks taste or smell funny. Many factors can cause this. For example, an ice machine that needs cleaning can undoubtedly cause such a problem. However, even changes in the quality of your tap water can cause a difference in the smell and taste of your ice cubes, and sometimes we have no control over what comes out of the water main.

The best way to supply your unit with high-quality and great-tasting water is by installing a commercial ice machine water filter. Efilters offers only the highest-quality filters for the retail and hospitality industries. Visit their website today and provide your customers with wholesome drinks.

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